Safety and comfort are paramount when choosing a car seat. Many people are surprised to learn that the law states an appropriate car seat should be used when transporting your child from birth until your child weighs 36kg (11-12 years old).


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We've selected a range of models to ensure happy, secure and contented road trips. They can be fitted using standard 3-point car seat belts. We also offer 2 IsoFix versions of car seat.

For full peace of mind, ask your nursery retailer for car seat advice. They should be able to offer demonstrations and many offer car seat fitting services that will ensure the car seat you buy is fitted safely as well as teaching you how to remove and re-install the seat yourself.

What is Isofix? It's a standardised international system that enables quick, simple and safe installation of car seats. It greatly reduces the risk of installing your car seat incorrectly.

Since February 2006, all new car models have been required by law to be fitted with Isofix anchorage and top tether points in at least two seating positions as standard. From 2011, European regulations require all new cars to include the Isofix system.

Isofix anchorage points are built into the car and clearly marked, so compatible car seats or car seat bases can simply be 'plugged in'. Consult your vehicle manual for full details of the location and if you are still unsure, consult the vehicle's manufacturer for further information.