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3 year warranty

Whilst we make and test our products to the highest standards of durability there's always a small chance of a hiccup! Our promise is to repair, replace or refund a MyChild branded product that has an identified manufacturing defect from the date of purchase for a full 3 years thereafter at no extra cost.

However, you must register within 28 days of the date of purchase to receive the full 3 years guarantee.

Products not registered under our 3 year warranty guarantee will only be covered for 12 months. 

To receive your full guarantee you can register your product using the contact form. For all other enquiries please use the contact form or telephone us on 0161 335 2508.

Testing details

Every MyChild product is tested to relevant British/European safety standard. Both mechanical and materials elements of each product are rigorously tested to ensure they last everyday usage.

For instance pushchairs and stroller undergo 70,000 cycles on a bumpy terrain rolling road, which is the equivalent of 3 years use. Each material has to been tested to ensure they don't transfer onto your child's clothing.


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